Hi, I am Jolynn.

Add a Marketing and Sales Operations “fixer” to Your Team

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About Me

 Jolynn Oblak is a sales operations, marketing and product strategist who helps web and digital health technology-focused companies with inbound marketing, lead generation optimization and persona-focused user stories. 


As a Sales Operations and Marketing Strategist Consultant, I understand the numerous emerging opportunities and challenges facing companies, brands and service providers today due to the vast number of platforms available to tell your story.

I am an operations fixer–> dedicated to helping you navigate the roadblocks and challenges affecting your business performance.

I do this by infusing my years of experience in sales enablement, operations refinement and lead generating marketing to develop effective strategies to meet your sales goals

I also help you by developing persona-based user stories that engage prospects, create opportunities and generate revenue.


Sales Operations

You have the tools and the sales team, but your not seeing the results you expect. You know your systems and processes need a tune up. Or you are just getting started and want to implement a solid selling system.

I help implement a system to improve your sales performance and enable your sales team to focus on what they do best… SELL.

Areas of Focus

  • CRM administration and optimization
  • Integration and synchronization of other tools in the technology stack
  • Improvement in reporting workflow and accuracy
  • Management of knowledge base and content assets
  • Automations in selling/non-selling tasks

Inbound Marketing and Content Development

You have the tools in place but they are not working the way you need them to. You know you need your sales funnel to work more efficiently.

I optimize your conversion paths to make sure you take advantage of the traffic you are generating with your marketing content.


Areas of Focus

  • Review and edit your conversion paths for clarity and consistency
  • Shorten conversion path so leads convert
  • Ensure the user experience is FOCUSED on lead conversion
  • Develop persona-based user stories

You need a consultant who knows your industry, has proven functional competencies and the right combination of talents. I’m that person